Fellows are the finest in our profession

Our members are exceptional lawyers who have demonstrated their dedication to the highest ideals of the legal profession and the welfare of their community.  
Each year, outstanding individuals from around Ohio are invited to become a member of this select group. 
All Fellows pledge financial support that fuels Foundation grants to statewide causes that align with our mission. An initial pledge of $2,500 accompanies membership in the Foundation. 100% of their generous gifts are used for OSBF grants. Our Life Fellows and Distinguished Life Fellows continue to dedicate their personal philanthropy beyond the initial Fellows pledge and in turn, provide critical funds for greater statewide OSBF grants.
Fellows are offered service opportunities to volunteer with Ohio organizations that promote the pursuit of justice and the public understanding of the rule of law. These activities engage the minds and energies of our newest Fellows and rekindle their passion for justice. Recent service includes organizing a “Suits for Success” clothing drive to help foster youth as they enter the job market, speaking with middle school youth about the legal ramifications of sexting and cyber bullying, helping seniors understand the importance of advance directives, visiting Law & Leadership students, and serving as judges with Ohio Center for Law Related Education to help prepare the “We the People” state champions for their national competition.   
Visit PROJECTS to learn more about the work of our Class Fellows.
Each year outstanding attorneys and judges are nominated to become Fellows of the Foundation. VIEW OUR COMPLETE FELLOWS ROSTER.
Eligible candidates must:
  • be admitted to the Bar of the State of Ohio, and have served from the time of their admission to the bar for a period of at least three (3) years, and have established their professional and public service reputation.  
  • be in good standing with the Supreme Court of Ohio and not subject to current or pending disciplinary action or proceeding.
  • be members of the Ohio State Bar Association or become a member of the OSBA prior to becoming a Fellow.
Current Fellows identify colleagues who demonstrate their dedication to the highest ideals of the profession.
Attorneys may also self-nominate. FELLOWS INFORMATIONAL SHEET 
                                                                 FELLOWS NOMINATION FORM