Our assistance extends beyond the Fellows Class projects. The Foundation assisted our community on matters of law through our Key Initiative Focus and Past Presidents Advisory Council. For more information on any of the initiatives below, contact the Foundation.




FWD@18 Survival Kit

With increased rights and responsibilities, 18-year-olds need to understand the legal details of what they can and cannot do. Evolving from a juvenile to an adult does not have to be hard with FWD@18, an easy-to-use survival kit describing some of the laws shaping the transition.

Offender Reentry Assistance

Every day, offenders are reentering society. And that can put a strain on the system. We supported the development of a shared case management system online that organizes the reentry process for social service providers and legal entities in Lucas County. It organizes and helps clear warrant information so that offenders can avoid reentering the system.

Brown County Court Tour Public Education Materials

The court system often seems complex. So we created a multimedia package for Brown County residents that explains the local court system in plain language. This program served as a model for other courts and bar associations statewide.

County Court Tours

Based off of the success of the Brown County Court Tour, we created multimedia packages that educate the public on their local court system, including brief explanations of legal terms, a printed brochure, and ready-to-use newspaper columns.

Order Form (PDF)


Grievance and Disciplinary Procedure for Court Interpreters

Sometimes the system itself needs assistance. We are in the process of creating grievance and disciplinary procedures at the request of the Supreme Court of Ohio's Court Interpreter Task Force.

“Racial Justice Dialogues” anti-racism legal education initiative

The Foundation believes in making the justice system more fair. To that end, we created CLE course standards adopted by the Supreme Court of Ohio as well as an interactive curriculum that educates lawyers, judges, and court personnel about racism in the legal system.

Racial Justice Dialogues (PDF)