Fellows Class Projects

Fellows are offered service opportunities to volunteer with Ohio organizations that promote the pursuit of justice and public understanding of the rule of law. These activities engage the minds and energies of our newest Fellows and rekindle their passion for justice. Read the results of their efforts below. Contact the Foundation for more information.


O.P.E.N. Court

Orientating young People with Exceptional Needs about Court is the result of the 2011 Fellows teaming up with experts in the field of developmental disabilities. See Henry on his journey through the court system in three videos where he will learn about courtroom behavior and his rights. A robust resource packet helps adults with tools they need to help teach young people with exceptional needs about the juvenile court system.

O.P.E.N. Court Videos and Resource Guide


Constitution Classroom

Constitution Fun! Constitution Classroom! Constitution Classroom provides teachers with updated case law, lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations and lawyer assistance. The 2010 Fellows Class gives teachers all the tools they need to make the task creative and productive.

Constitution Classroom


Think B4 U Send

Have fun!  Work with your buddies!  Show your talents! Be a TV celebrity!The 2009 Fellows Class designed a video challenge to educate Ohio's youth about the ramifications of sexting and cyber bullying. Heritage Middle School developed the winning video.

<B4U Send Video Challenge



Repairing Recidivisim: Helping ex-offenders successfully reenter society.

Repairing Recidivisim: Helping ex-offenders successfully reenter society.

It's an unfortunate fact. Citizens who have been incarcerated are more likely to reenter the system. That's why the 2008 Fellows Class organized a statewide reentry summit to discuss successful reentry opportunities.


Knowledge is Power: Magnifying rights, responsibilities, and resources for foster youth.

Knowledge is Power: Magnifying rights, responsibilities, and resources for foster youth.

Growing up is hard. Unfortunately, it's even harder as a foster child. So we developed a program to help young adults realize their rights and responsibilities as they age out of the foster care system. 


Keys to the Courtroom

Keys to the Courtroom

Defendants who represent themselves often have difficulty. So the 2006 Fellows Class decided to teach the basics of the courtroom. Their program also helps judges and lawyers to deal more effectively with those who represent themselves.

Order Materials (PDF)

Keys Brochure (PDF)



With Liberty and Justice for All... <SPAN>Somalis in Ohio</SPAN>

With Liberty and Justice for All... Somalis in Ohio

Ohio is home to over 50,000 Somali immigrants, and many don't know their basic legal rights and responsibilities. So we created an educational CD that teaches the basics of the law in their native tongue.

Order Materials (PDF)



Legal Information for Nonprofit Organizations

Non-profits are focused on doing good - and that doesnt leave much time or many resources to deal with legal issues. We built a website that helps people starting non-profits deal with legal issues.



Its My Life

It’s My Life...
I have a Choice

Often, young people turn towards trouble because they don't have a mentor to look up to. We created an interactive computer program to help high school students mentor at risk 5th graders before they make bad decisions that could lead them into the justice system.

Order Materials (PDF)


Light the Way: Dont Leave Your Loved Ones in the Dark

Light the Way: Don’t Leave Your Loved Ones in the Dark

Death is a subject not many like to talk about. However, being prepared is important. We worked to educate the public about the importance of having a living will and healthcare power of attorney and we provided resources for dealing with end-of-life issues.

Light the Way


Did not! Did too!

Did not! Did too!

One reason the public finds the law complicated is that it's not taught at a young age. So we created a fully illustrated storybook to teach 3rd grade students the basic tenets of justice.

Order Materials (PDF)

Did Not Did Too Curriculum Guide (PDF)


Ohio Legal Information Source

Ohio Legal Information Source

Finding resources and programs to help people understand the law, or to provide them with assistance with legal quesitons is a daunting task.  To assist with this search, we created an online clearinghouse for resources available throughout Ohio. 


More Than Sex, Drugs & Money: Reporting on the Legal System

More Than Sex, Drugs & Money: Reporting on the Legal System

Too often, the legal system is sensationalized in the media. So we developed a program to educate journalism professors and students so that they can understand the law and more effectively report on legal proceedings.

Seminar (PDF)


Ohio Jury Management Conference

Ohio Jury Management Conference

Trial by jury is an essential element of our democracy and managing the jury process is an important and complicated task.  We created an annual conference for jury managers to help them as they work to maximize the effectiveness of this important  process. 


Conference Report (PDF)